Admissions Process

Five Steps for Admission to Meadowview Christian School                

Meadowview Christian School is an equal opportunity educational institution and does not
discriminate on the basis of color, creed, national origin, race, religion or sex.

Admission to Meadowview Christian School is a five step process:

  • 1. Complete an Application for  Meadowview Christian School
  • 2. Schedule an orientation meeting with the Headmaster.
  • 3. Sign a Records Release form, which the administrative staff will forward to the student’s former school for release of official school records.  These records should indicate that the student will meet the Meadowview Christian School academic standards.  Hand-carried documents are not acceptable.
  • 4. Provide the following proof of age and immunization documents:  the student’s original birth certificate, Social Security Card, and an up-to-date State of Alabama Immunization Record (the “blue” form).  The administrative staff will make copies of all birth certificates and Social Security Cards and return the originals to you.
  • 5. Pick up all paperwork from the bookkeeper in the office at Meadowview Christian School.

Please use the following checklist as you prepare to send in your registration:
Registration Contract
Statement of Financial Responsibility
Your Check for Tuition and Annual Fee
Records Release Form
Student History
Immunization Record (Blue Card)
Original Birth Certificate
Original Social Security Card
Authorization to Administer Medication